Fun times on set.


A little fun today shooting.

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Edith Piaf “L’Accordeoniste”

An original art house music video from BlackMoon Society. Running down the path towards Surrealism they take a left turn to the unknown. Testing these new untamed waters where they need not to worry about genre, narrative, subtext or the viewer been able to make sense of the beautiful images flashing through their retina’s. It’s just that beautiful images for you to read into, interpret and make your own story up of what was trying to be conveyed.

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Lost In Translation



On a quiet remote island in the Indonesian waters of the south pacific there is a group of young ravenous man hunting for a wild beast this is just some fun they had along the way.

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Little Miss Passion fruit Vine


There’s a fresh new inquisitive man on the block by the name of Buzz. With a bit of tongue and cheek about him, he finds him self testing his charm with his new bosses neighbour he discovered

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