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Getting it Done in Lakey Peak

We arrived safe and sound the same could not be said about the swell we chased down there though.
Still this place is pretty amazing, this been Matt and I first trip down here we were frothing of every ripple that looked half surfable.
Marco and Alex played it cool trying not to get surfed out while we waited for the swell to show up.
The set up blew me away with so manny waves so close and accessible by land with a good variety of different waves, some perfect for punts or rail turns, barrels to the Main Peak that offer’s everything.

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Transit To Lakey Peak

Love it when you have all been out all night rageing to come home an releases you have an hour or so to pull ya shit together pack your bags and get to the airport.
As always you pack everything you don’t need and any other random things you can get your hands on.
Well we managed to make the flight on time mainly due to the fact that the flight was delayed for 6hrs. They even took it so far to call the flight to board, put every one on the bus and drove around, did a little hot lap then to drop us back at the arrival gate and tell us sorry the plain is not really ready for another hour due to technical difficulties.
So we continue to entertain our selfs.

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Rolling on through to Lackey peak

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Salmon Dance

Beachies and crowded Keramas is what we all really came to surf this year.
Alex Chacon, Marco Giorgi & Matt Rodwell mixed it up for 2days the other week while we were in bali planing our next little Indonesian adventure “Lakey Peak” SAFE, KNOWN and EASY.
But why not give it a chance ?
So for now enjoy this fun little beachies waves while we pray,
for someone to send us the swell we desire.

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Mother Duck

The Mother Duck is heading home and summer camp is over.
No more shall we wake up to a fresh fruit platters, or come home from the surf with the aromas of a home cooked meal filling the house or our dirty washing magically going from the floor to folded fresh and clean at the end of our beds.
Oh how will we survive.

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Day Dreaming

The swells have been few and far apart this season for the most part. The crazy thing about this wonder land is even on the flattest of days you know there is an empty line up with fun waves rolling through waiting to be danced upon.
The lack of waves has driven us to be a bit more creative with our days an searching is what we did. Trying to find that little magical session with just you and your friends. Only a surfer will know the feeling of seeing your mate spat out of a barrel or stomping a massive turn in front of you. It’s indescribable, add the fact that you’s are the only one’s in the water for miles priceless.
These are the days you dream of. I tell you know, these days still exist in bali if you try a little.
We did.

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Marco Polo

Marco Giorgi has arrived in Bali, back from an injury and with a fresh 10 board quiver ready to slay some demon slabs in these indonesian waters.
These are the first few days hanging out in Canggu with Marco Giorgi, Alex chacon and Loic wirth before they embarked on their adventure down south to some less populated lands.

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Marco Giorgi

Marco Giorgi has arrived in Bali, back from an injury and with a fresh 10 board quiver ready to slay some demon slabs in these indonesian waters.
The rains have come and gone, but not without flushing the odd nappy and
tampax pad down the river and out into the perfect empty line up along with the hundreds of plastic bags and wrapper’s. It’s sad to see such a beautiful place littered with garbage around every corner, in every set on every beach.
When will people become conscious and help clean this beautiful place.
We can all make a difference, just by picking up one pice of rubbish we may influence another person to do so and so on and so forth, till the whole place is clean and the local people and government become aware and conscious to trying to sustain a cleaner environment for everyone to enjoy.
Tourism is Bali’s life and blood, this place is fast becoming a rubbish dump.
It’ appears, it is up to us to make the first move towards a cleaner Bali so generations to come will get the chance to experience this paradise.

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This is how it is in our house.

Fresh is best…

Laundry day….

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