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This people is very exiting, those of you how don’t know Alex Chacon here is a little bit about him.
He is Funny, little, quite, spiritual, humble and one of the most giving people i have every met.
He is a pro surfer originating in Brazil he moved over to Australia at the tender age of 14 by him self to Pursue a dream of becoming a pro Surfer, and where better than the Gold Coast.
He rode for O’neil for a number of years while competing on the pro juniors before making the leap across the the WQS with out the financial backing of any brands.
Working 80hrs a week as a chef in surfers paradise to save up enough money to give it a real go and be focused on just surfing, he followed his dream.

That was 2yrs ago now that money’s dried up.
Living comp to comp, prize cheque to prize cheque he trots around the world on a shoe string budget of a lower class indian scratching at the door to the top 32.

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