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Salmon Dance

Beachies and crowded Keramas is what we all really came to surf this year.
Alex Chacon, Marco Giorgi & Matt Rodwell mixed it up for 2days the other week while we were in bali planing our next little Indonesian adventure “Lakey Peak” SAFE, KNOWN and EASY.
But why not give it a chance ?
So for now enjoy this fun little beachies waves while we pray,
for someone to send us the swell we desire.

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Marco Polo

Marco Giorgi has arrived in Bali, back from an injury and with a fresh 10 board quiver ready to slay some demon slabs in these indonesian waters.
These are the first few days hanging out in Canggu with Marco Giorgi, Alex chacon and Loic wirth before they embarked on their adventure down south to some less populated lands.

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Marco Giorgi

Marco Giorgi has arrived in Bali, back from an injury and with a fresh 10 board quiver ready to slay some demon slabs in these indonesian waters.
The rains have come and gone, but not without flushing the odd nappy and
tampax pad down the river and out into the perfect empty line up along with the hundreds of plastic bags and wrapper’s. It’s sad to see such a beautiful place littered with garbage around every corner, in every set on every beach.
When will people become conscious and help clean this beautiful place.
We can all make a difference, just by picking up one pice of rubbish we may influence another person to do so and so on and so forth, till the whole place is clean and the local people and government become aware and conscious to trying to sustain a cleaner environment for everyone to enjoy.
Tourism is Bali’s life and blood, this place is fast becoming a rubbish dump.
It’ appears, it is up to us to make the first move towards a cleaner Bali so generations to come will get the chance to experience this paradise.

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The time has come the bags are packed and the trade winds are on the way, we are Bali bound now and thats that. Here is a Little teaser for you all. 
Stay tuned for the latest webisodes and all other shenanigans we get up too while we travel through 
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Filmed by Jay Button & Gabriel Teixeira

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The leaves are starting to yellow and the wind is getting lazy these days are fast becoming hazy. 
Alex Chacon has been traveling around the past few years doing the WQS or free surfing in some far off paradises. 
It has been a few years now since we have all been back living on D Bah hill at the same time. The past few weeks have been nothing less than amazing.

Filmed by Gabriel Teixeira and Jay Button

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