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Help us get the film equipment we deserve

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DG Surfboards New Model The 7inch Vinyl

DG Surfboards are located on the northern beaches of sydney and here is a sneak peak at one of his new models the 7inch Vinyl.

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DG Surfboards NitroRocket Model

This is DG’s favourite high performance board. It has a fair bit of nose rocker and a pretty flat tail. There’s a slight double concave inside the single combining it with soft full forgiving rails, making it easy to do tight arcs and release the tail. The board feels alive due to only 3/4 of it sitting in the water.

The pro junior surfer Caio Ibelli and Alex Chacon have approved the 5’9″ NITRO ROCKET and they reckon, “Its got all the qualities of the perfect all around board!”.

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Hein Cooper cover of SBTRKT “Hold On”

‘I’ve been working on this particular song for a couple of months now, and I really liked the intimacy of it. An electro-pop song doesn’t generally have that personal vibe however this track is really spacious which inspired me to work on it. stomp box, voice, guitar and loops where my tools of choice,…

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PrincessPolly Discover

A Little Fashion & A Little Love, Peace & Happiness with Princess Polly.
Be hind the scenes of the Discover campaign that Photographer Catie Allen shot in Northern NSW at the beging of the month.


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Fun times on set.


A little fun today shooting.

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